Remembrance Wa.ll

In honor of all babies gone too soon.

Gabriel Francis  M.                                        Emmanuel Joseph W.

Mary Claire M.                                               Caleb Wesley S. 

Alex Angelus T.                                              Vercie Mandra Y.   

Henry David T.                                               Alleen Y.

Olivia Grace T.                                                Josiah Y.

Jessie Quin T.                                                  Wayne Michael H.

Karol M.                                                           Joseph Louis H. 

Chris M.                                                           John Athanasius G.

Hannah Grace M.                                          Angel Marie E.

Christopher W.                                              Sophia Therese E.

Gabriel W.                                                       Baby T.

Gloria Noel W.                                               Madison Marie B.

Mary D.                                                           Annelise Nery C.

Rita W.                                                             Jacob Dale Y.

Sebastian Blaise H.                                       Agnes P.

Henry H.                                                         Julian P.

Harris H.                                                         Max P.

Noah Jeffrey H.                                             Catherine P.

Dominic Raphael H.                                     John P.

Hazel Myra S.                                               Francis P.

Michael Patrick O.

Roman C.


If you would like your baby's name to be added to our wall, please send an e-mail to