You and Your Healthcare Team

 Most often families learn of the death of their child in their physician’s office. This is a devastating moment. It is our hope that they you find compassion and understanding from your healthcare professionals. Talk to your physician, he or she may be your most valuable advocate in the loss of your baby and the hospital personnel caring for you. Unfortunately, some physicians are unaware of the options available and may be uncomfortable discussing this issue. It does not matter how many “weeks” you are at your loss. Your baby is a whole person who deserves a dignified, respectful burial. There are many different options for your arrangements. Ask your physician to help communicate to the hospital staff your specific wishes. If you need assistance with this we will be more than happy to accompany and represent you at any stage of this process in the hospital. 

Making a Memory

 Remember you have one precious opportunity to make a memory. Make a plan if at all possible BEFORE you go to the hospital. You may want to take a camera for photos, a special blanket, or baby outfit. Depending on the age of your baby it may be possible to bathe your baby or hold and rock your baby. There is no wrong or right way to spend time with your baby. Discuss with your physician and nurses your wishes. Do whatever comforts YOU. This all may seem a little strange at the time, but these moments will fill your heart forever and bring you great comfort in the future. Physicians, nurses and Religious leaders should all work together to make this a positive experience for you and your family. 

Funeral Arrangements



There are many cemeteries that offer special spaces for infants. The Catholic cemeteries are very helpful with even the youngest of babies. The ministry members can also help families find financial assistance with fees if necessary.

If you choose to use a funeral home there are many in our area that have a special place in their heart for such a need in our community. Most funeral homes provide full services for your baby and family. They will work closely to comfort you and insure that your wishes are carried out. Both the cemetery and funeral home provide all of their services at a VERY nominal fee.

Summary of Options Available:

Traditional funeral
Graveside services
Hospital disposition with or without a service

Mass and Memorials


Call your church or if you are working with a ministry member they will contact your church for you. The church can only help if they are informed of the need. We have found that many Catholic churches have committees ready and willing to assist families in their time of loss. Often, one call to a parish office can be the start of great assistance and comfort to the family. People do want to help you. One of our committee members would be happy to help you make this church contact and assist in the details.

Many area priests are willing to come to the cemetery for as much as a full mass or as simple as a graveside service. This is a very personal decision that you need to discuss with your priest. If you need a priest, we can contact your church or local parish for you.

Catholic Cemeteries of Columbus


All life is sacred and the remains of babies who die before birth are to be given a reverent Christian burial, preferably in a Catholic cemetery.

All burial services for miscarriages past 20 weeks gestation must enlist the services of a funeral director. The Chaplain’s Office at any hospital will work closely with families in preparing such burials by contacting a funeral director. The family can then contact their parish and the cemetery of choice for burial arrangements.

Any miscarriage prior to 20 weeks gestation can involve a funeral director if the family wishes to do so. However, the family may wish to make the arrangements themselves without the aide of a funeral director. When choosing the non-funeral director option, the family may elect either themselves or the Catholic Cemeteries of Columbus representative to pick up the infant from the hospital. When choosing the cemetery representative as the designated pick up party, the family must state this designation in writing to the hospital, each hospital will have a standard release form. The family will notify the cemetery of their designation and provide the cemetery with a contact person and phone number at the hospital. The cemetery will coordinate the pick up time with the hospital. Some families may wish to pick out their own worthy container in which the infant can be buried. Catholic Cemeteries of Columbus can provide a worthy burial container at minimum cost should the family require one. The Catholic Cemeteries of Columbus have four cemeteries in the Central Ohio area from which to choose. The burial space options include burial in the Guardian Angel Section (infants only) or in the family lot sections in the cemetery. In the family sections, burial may be made in an already purchased family grave (space permitting) or the family may purchase a lot if they do not own one already. Our cemeteries have Chapels available for prayer services on a first come, first serve basis or the family may choose to have a graveside prayer service. Please make arrangements at least 24 hours in advance.

Richard Finn, Director

St. Joseph Cemetery
6440 S. High St.
Lockbourne, OH 43137

Resurrection Cemetery
9571 N. High St.
Lewis Center, OH 43035

Holy Cross Cemetery
11539 National Rd SW
Pataskala, OH 43062

Mt. Calvary Cemetery
518 Mt. Calvary Ave.
Columbus, OH 43223

A Spiritual Remembrance



The Church of Holy Innocents, Shrine of the Unborn in New York

You may visit this web site and register your baby at The Church of Holy Innocents Shrine. Your baby's name will be entered into the Memorial book to be remembered in Mass. Also, you may print a certificate with your child's name on it as a special remembrance.

Dedicated to precious Mary Teresa Manning May 28, 2008

The Garden of the Holy Innocents Mass


You and your loved ones are invited to honor the life of your baby by attending a Memorial Mass at Resurrection Cemetery. The Masses are held each January, April, July, and October. See our home page or our Facebook page for updates on the current Mass schedule as well as other events.

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