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At what age of gestation is it appropriate to have a Mass and burial for a baby?

In the Catholic faith we believe that life starts at the moment of conception. Every baby deserves a respectful and dignified burial. 

At what age do I need to enlist the services of a funeral home?

In the state of Ohio it is required to enlist the services of a funeral home AFTER 20 weeks of gestation. Less than 20 weeks may use a cemetery transport directly to the cemetery, or the parents may choose to transport the baby themselves for burial. 

How can I arrange for the Catholic Cemeteries of Columbus to transport my baby?

You may call the Cemetery directly or contact a Back In His Arms Again Ministry member and we will help you through the process. 

What if I do not have the remains or body of my baby?

Some pregnancies may end so early that no physical remains can be preserved. It is still most appropriate to name your baby, have a Mass said for your baby or even have a memorial place in a cemetery. Many parents find comfort in a special place to go and pray. Also, the church respects any decisions of the past, the parents may have been unaware of the option to bury their baby, less than 20 weeks of age. 

Should I think about a private burial?

No. The teaching of the Catholic Church is to bury ONLY on BLESSED ground in a Catholic cemetery. Catholic cemeteries are very reasonable and in some cases offer charity burial. 

How can the Catholic Cemeteries help us at this time?

Back In His Arms Again works very closely with the Catholic cemeteries of Columbus to offer help with funeral homes, infant transport under 20 weeks, burial layettes, parish contact, counseling etc…This is a most valuable resource. The Catholic cemeteries of Columbus are listed in this brochure. 

Is the cost of funeral and burial the same as an adult?

NO. The cost of burial for an infant in a Catholic cemetery is very minimal. If this is a concern for your family, our ministry can help. We want every baby to have a dignified and respectful burial. Back In His Arms Again is ready to help ANY family who may need our assistance. 

When can we expect to "get over" the loss of our baby?

I do not think you ever get over the loss of your baby. This is your child. You will find yourself going through many phases of grief. Your heart will always long for that baby. Be patient with yourself and if needed seek the assistance of a counselor or priest trained in grief. 

How do we help our children through this process?

Allow your children to grieve with you. Offer them loving support and reassurance. Sometimes including them in the process helps them to process the grief.. If they can write, have them write a letter to the baby, or draw a picture for the baby. Or give them a teddy bear in memory of this special baby. This gives your children something to hold on to. 

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