Gospel of Life — Television Program

Fr. Frank Pavone's television program Gospel of Life aired with guests Kambra Malone (Executive Director) and Father Blubaugh's (Pastoral Director). Watch this program below. (June 2008)

The Catholic Doctors — Radio Program

The Catholic Doctors program on St. Gabriel Radio aired a show featuring Back in His Arms Again. Listen to this program below. (2012)

From the Median — Radio Program

Back in His Arms Again was honored to do an interview with Host, Molly Smith on the show From the Median, a daily report from the frontline of the prolife movement. It is the first prolife program to air on the national Salem network, which boasts 98 stations across the country. From the Median regularly features national conservative celebrities such as Dinesh D'Souza, Raymond Arroyo, Fr. Frank Pavone, Star Parker, Bobby Schindler, Dr. Charles Rice (Notre Dame University), Dr. Bill Thierfeldre (Belmont Abby College) and Father Sirico, as well as state and local experts who bring their extensive knowledge and experience to spread the pro-life message.

Many thanks to Molly Smith and her producers for including Back in His Arms Again on their program as they discussed with Director, Carrie Magalski, the need for this charitable organization in their efforts to honor the lives of the unborn. Listen to this program below. (2013)

Radio Maria — Radio Program

Jane Morana speaks with Kambra Malone from Back in His Arms Again ministry, President and CEO, and Carrie Magalski, Ministry Director. Kambra discusses her miscarriages and how this led her to found the ministry, while Carrie tells of how she assisted her own sister through a miscarriage experience. Listen here (May 2014)

The Columbus Dispatch — Story

"Loss of Son Inspires Couple to Reach Out"
When Natalie Fanell delivered a boy just 23 weeks into her pregnancy, her husband, Joe, saw 10 fingers, 10 toes and all the other parts that make a baby, and he felt a moment of relief. “He’s OK. He’s here. He’s got everything,” he said, turning to a doctor who stood by. “Aren’t you going to try to save him?” But the doctor shook his head and said, “No.” Read Full Story (November 2012)

The Celt Article — Crespi Carmelite

Crespi Carmelite is a four-year college preparatory school for boys, located in Encino, CA. They seek students who demonstrate the ability and interest to pursue a college education. Read more (2012)

YouTube Commercial — Crespi Carmelite

A commercial bringing awareness about the ministry and how every human soul from conception to birth should have proper burial rights. Watch video (2012)

The Catholic Foundation — Focus Grant

We have been blessed to receive a Social Service grant in the Focus Cycle distributed by The Catholic Foundation this year. Our project, Back In His Arms Again, was awarded $3,500.00. We are proud that the value of our ministry is being acknowledged and supported. We are grateful to the donors who contribute to The Catholic Foundation that make these grants possible.