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The Celt Article — Crespi Carmelite

Wagner Crespi Carmelite is a four-year college preparatory school for boys, located in Encino, CA. They seek students who demonstrate the ability and interest to pursue a college education. Crespi Carmelite is open to male students of all ethnic, religious and educational backgrounds. Dedicated to excellence and responding to the challenges of education in our time, Crespi offers a holistic model of education emphasizing the spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical, and social development of young men.

In the spirit of the Gospel, and the Carmelite tradition, the Crespi Community engages the student in three interlocking dimensions: Community, Prayer, and Justice. As Carmelites, they seek to build a community which listens and bears witness to the divine plan through the promotion of justice in the service of the whole person.

Media Arts, Broadcast Journalism and Journalism Educator, Edward Nyahay, taps into the creative spirit of each individual, and manifests artistic expression, as well as, documentation of school events. One of Edward Nyahay's elite students is Harrison Wagner, son of actor/musician, Jack Wagner and actress, Kristina Wagner. Harrison's passion for the arts intertwined with his righteous spirit is uncanny when compared to over the thousand students Edward Nyahay has taught and inspired all around the country (Florida, New York, California).

When given the opportunity to interview and document Executive Director of "Back In His Arms Again", Carrie Magalski, Harrison accepted with an open mind and heart, and participated in spreading the good news about this ministry. His talent and skills were also spotlighted with actor, Michael Boxleitner, son of Melissa Gilbert and Bruce Boxleitner, another student of Edward Nyahay, to express his support of this ministry. Please take the time to read Harrison Wagner's article and watch the commercial, "Back In His Arms Again" written and directed by Edward Nyahay. < Read the article >